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Loving the Dry Heat in Arizona!

Where did I leave off? The next weekend I took off early Saturday morning to Phoenix on business. Oh, the high I get from traveling to new places. Another check off the bucket list. 

Since we were starving, our first stop was a trendy place called Fez. The food was delicious and the bloody mary’s even better. Next we headed over to our hotel and to my delight Comicon was overlapped our event. It was a sight for sore eyes. So many in costume I could barely keep it together I was bursting at the seems with giggles and amusement. Even better, after heading to the rooftop pool bar for drinks, Comicon was starting a pool party. 

Full costumes, mermaids, the whole shebang. I ended up sucking down a few mojitos and napping in the sun. The 108 degree weather was a dream for me and I was soaking it up. 

Showered and starving we headed over to Squid Ink Sushi Cityscape and it was phenomenal. I could always go for sushi and I’ve gotta say this place is high on my list. I was definitely impressed. 

The next day we did a bit of work, but soon headed over to Scottsdale for some fun. We made jewelry, shopped, and had another fantastic dinner at Bar North. The sangria wasn’t too shabby either. Exhausted we headed back to the hotel and got ready for a long day of work. 

The first day went well, but we all know the real excitement for me is exploring and going to restaurants. We headed back to Scottsdale to Pepin for dinner with a live band and flamenco dancing. The dinner wasn’t the greatest, but the dancing and guitarist were quite impressive. The restaurant had a great old school Spanish decor to it as well. 

Exhausted again and back to the hotel. Next, another long day of work, but this day was followed up with my favorite meal by a long shot. We went to a place called The Arrogant Butcher, and let me tell you, he is arrogant for a reason. I had the filet, medium rare, with sautéed spinach, roasted carrots & potatoes, and a pineapple infused beer. I wanted to savor it for as long as possible and do it over and over again. Wow! This restaurant is a must!

We liked this place so much we even got carryout for lunch from there the next day. I would also recommend the french dip..mmmm…. We finished up the last of our work and headed out for one last meal before the airport. 

Culinary Dropout was the last of our foodie stops and definitely had an interesting menu. Unfortunately for me it was riddled with dairy so my choices were quite limited. It has a great edgy, urban atmosphere and would be worth checking out. After dinner we headed to the airport to catch the redeye home. I counted my blessing as I happened to get first class for the way home. Two glasses of wine later and I was out like a light. 

Synopsis: I loved Arizona. I could definitely see myself staying there for a bit. The food was impressive and I wish I had a chance to check out the hiking scene. The heat was my mistress and I even got a large derby style hat that will be joining me on future adventures. Until next time!

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"So… are you my girlfriend?"

Do I dare say it? The friend of a friend has turned into my boy, who has turned into my boyfriend. I will try to briefly describe our transition for your enjoyment. 

My last update mentioned us going to the art museum the following weekend, which we did and had a great time. They have little eye spy games in every room so we were running around the museum laughing and playing like children with the museum guards watching and following us all the way. After he took me to a cute sandwich shop downtown and every step with him has made me even more smitten. 

That night I wasn’t even supposed to see him as I met up with my girlfriends at the bar for their duel birthday celebration. When I saw him walk in the door I couldn’t have been happier or more surprised. I tried to play it cool, but later we ended up kissing on the dance floor like college kids and stumbling back to my place. 

The next week puts me in Vegas and that Friday, after being fed up, I was in a taxi heading to the airport and he happened to be in Minneapolis on business. He insisted I come stay with him instead and honestly how could I resist. Friday night was our first hook up (not all the way for all of you with your minds in the gutter) and I slept soundly with his arms wrapped around me. The next day he had to work, unfortunately, but we had breakfast together then I napped from being sick and did a little shopping. Later we had drink at the top of the W overlooking the city and dinner with a coworker after. The next day we went to Minnehaha falls and hiked past all the bridges. I could have died when a spider landed on him and my giant manly man squealed like a girl. I laughed as he took selfies in front of the Mississippi and snaps of the “giant beetle” aka a turtle haha. I was so bummed to leave him and fly home. 

The next weekend I stayed over Friday and Saturday he took me on a party bus to the Tigers game and we had a blast. Wandering around the stadium, fooling around, I don’t think we watched more than a few minutes of the game. After we hung out at a friends house, hit the bar for a hot minute, and slept off the long day. The next day was just as eventful with a Memorial Day/roommate moving out/Cinco de Mayo/roommate birthday/etc party. It was great to have some of my friends there, but meet a lot of his friends and coworkers as well. I was definitely ready for sleep near the end though. 

Memorial day he refused to let me leave so I showered there and we spent the day together barbecuing with friends and hanging out before he flew out for Texas the next day. I was counting down the days until he returned and was excited when he flew in Friday night. He made it over around 11:30 and we cuddled on the couch chatting about the weeks events. 

And then it slipped out: 

So… are you my girlfriend?”

My response, “Do you want me to be?” haha. We joked back and forth and I teased him about having to over properly ask. His response, “Of course” made me giddy and as he often jokes I am “head over heals for him.” 

Saturday I had drinks with the girls at brunch and the emotions were mixed (some giddy, some jealous) but positive overall. After I headed over to see the boy and we went to play bags at his friends house. We then had our first “tiff” and I laugh now because we constantly joke when he says the highs will be high and the lows will be low and I vehemently disagree. It wasn’t too bad and I’m glad we got over it as his friends headed over for drinks and we eventually made it out to the bar. I can’t say I didn’t like it though when I ran into two guy friends from college and saw his green eyes of jealously come out as I always feel like the jealous one. 

Sunday we spent the day helping paint his friends house (what a great girlfriend I am!), lounged on the couch and watch/laughed at the Crazies with his roommate, and had some fun. 

I am relieved he doesn’t travel this week for business as I leave early Saturday morning on business. We speak often about travel being an issue on both sides and he’s worried about me not liking his Monday through Friday travel and me worried that I’m leaving for five months. We both continually reassure each other and that is very helpful. I haven’t dated a guy in…. well it has been awhile. I’ve been monogamous with a fair amount of people, but also seem to end up breaking it off. He made a joke about having to get me before my two month cut off period and I had to laugh because that has been my tendency for the past couple years. 

He’s different though and I’ve known since the moment I saw him with his bright green shirt and a black sweater ironically tied around his neck. If this goes down in flames I’m an “idiot” (in his terms), but if it works out I’m calling it now. He is smart, crazy, witty, challenges me, and is more than I could ask for. 

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Vegas Vegas, How My Liver Hurts

My sister was getting married in Vegas and I was super excited. I was going with a girlfriend and it was going to be the time of our lives. We flew in Tuesday evening and the party was ready to begin. We partied in my friends suite at the Mirage and the headed off to 1 Oak to party. We mostly hung with our group but it was a great time with my friend and the best man hitting on each other the whole time. My sister and I laughed, drank, and just had a great night. Later my friend complained how annoying the best man was, but later when it was time to leave said she had promised to stay. Whatever, I was more than happy to go back to our hotel and have the room to myself. 

The next day I woke up early, packed a bag for my friend to get ready at the Mirage, and we headed to Bare to chill at the pool. A day of sunshine, drinks, VIP, and next to a day bed full of amateur English soccer players… really who am I to complain. 

That night was the pre wedding night and we ended up at Light at Mandalay Bay. It was amazing. It was rough at first talking to all the promoters to get in and being overwhelmed and crushed by the crowd after getting in, then it was all worth it. We ended up with another soccer crowd from Manchester United drinking and dancing the night away. At first I didn’t want to go and then I never wanted to leave. We ended up sneaking into the wedding ceremony venue after with the girls in the middle of the night and doing a mock/drunken run through then getting kicked out by security. It was hilarious to say the least. Then I believe I ordered a $40 plate of room service fried rice, fell asleep, woke up to eat some, tried to put it in the fridge, got yelled at for the censors, called the front desk, and passed out again. I was exhausted to say the least. 

The next day was the wedding. We spent the day getting ready at Caesars and it was a great day with pink bubbling wine, make up, floor length dresses, and high heals. The ceremony at Caesar’s was absolutely stunning and I couldn’t be happier for my sister. After we took a party bus to the Venetian and the party continued. Don’t get me wrong it took awhile for me to get over my family acting a fool, but many glasses of wine and lemon drop shots later and I was feeling good. We even went to a rock bar after, who knows where, and you know I was starving for some burgers after at the Mirage. 

So I get back to my room around 4am and quick recap… The first night my friend stayed with the best man, the next night a random man from the casino and finally… I walk in and lights are on… I see my friend and the best man (my now cousin-in-law) butt ass naked on top of the covers passed out. AHHHH! I went to the hallway for about a 1/2 hour and tried to call friends, but everyone was passed out by then. I literally had no where to go. I finally went back into the room, loudly, and slept on the hard leather sofa with one pillow and no blanket. We all woke up nearly 6am and I was fed up. My girlfriend and I were supposed to go to California for the weekend, but I felt so sick and exhausted that I couldn’t take anymore. I apologized, packed my bags, and headed to the airport with the intention of going home. Little did I know, I wasn’t quite ready to go home yet…

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Friend of a Friend

Lets start the scene with me hanging out at my girlfriends surprise 30th birthday party. We’re all talking and laughing when this strikingly tall and handsome man walks into the room. All my friends greet him and I wonder how I’ve yet to meet someone who seems very close to both my girl and guy friends. We all sit around the table and his wit and charm had me hanging on every word. We talk across the table and later he unfortunately had to depart for a friends bachelor party. It wasn’t going to be easy to let go of a tall, educated, and hilarious man. So I did what most girls would do and the next day found his Facebook through our mutual friends and struck up a conversation. 

He soon told me later he had a double date with his roommate and his roommate’s girlfriend, and if I’d oblige because he didn’t have a date. I had to laugh at his pick up attempt and applause his boldness of bluntly asking for a date (I’m not used to that at this point). After church I ended up meeting him at his house where I met his roommates and we headed out to see The Other Woman. We had a running banter the entire night and I’d say it was a hit. At the end of the night he hugged me goodbye and that was that. 

We continued to text and chat throughout the week as he was out of town on business Monday to Friday. He invited me to go out with his friends on Friday when he got back and I gleefully agreed. Unfortunately I was exhausted from an unexpected long night with the girls on Thursday and bailed out with apologies and asking when he was free next. He insisted on wanting to see me and ended up changing his plans to relax with me. We went to Thai for dinner, I secretly led him to my favorite winery downtown, and then we ended up watching Somm on the couch (a great documentary about wine sommeliers). As the night went on we got closer and continually laughed with me referring to everything as a spoof. At one point he asked if he had a chance of getting a kiss at the end of the night where of course I teased with a “maybe, if you’re lucky.” When he left it was getting past 2pm and he gave me a huge hug and a brief peck on the lips. What a gent.

The next night was my sister’s bachelorette party and a whole other post. After we got back to the hotel around 2:30/3 I had texted him (definitely intoxicated) that I wanted to be picked up. Bless his heart he drove downtown to get me, back to his place, and we soon fell asleep. All morning we cuddled and at no point did he even try anything. I was astonished and impressed. He drove me back downtown to the hotel so I could pick up my belongings and car. Another brief kiss and I was off again. 

Originally we were supposed to hang out Sunday night, but that’s not exactly how everything went down as you’ll see in the next post. He ended up coming over after church still and we watched Blackfish, made inappropriate jokes, and made out like teenagers on my couch haha. He makes my cheeks flush and burn. He would kiss me on the head or the cheek and tell me that I was the cutest girl he has ever dated or how pretty my smile is, and that I must hear that all the time. I laughed when he made a comment about me being out of his league because I thought I was the one lucky to have a shot with him. He is…amazing. When I was going to walk him to the door he walked me into the wall and started kissing me. It was wow to say the least. And you know as he walked out I just had to pull him in for one more kiss. 

He’s away on business again this week, but we have plans to go to the art museum this weekend. I honestly can’t wait. He appears to be one of the good ones and I don’t want to take that for granted. 

But as we all know, nothing this great can come easy. And it didn’t take long for the dark side of drama to rear its ugly head… (a little foreshadowing for ya). Wait for it…

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The Pilot

Okay lets start with the pilot. We met on tinder (judgement free zone), he seemed pretty cute and we had a really good rapport. After about a week of chatting he made a joke about picking me up on his motorcycle. I told him I’d feel safer in a plane and to fuel up the jet… so he did. He flew into a nearby small airport by me the next day and I got right in the captains seat of a little two seater plane. It was crazy! He explained all the gauges and next thing I knew we were up in the air. Who knows why, but he legit let me fly the plane alone: ascending, descending, and doing turns. After we walked around the area chatting for a bit and it was comfortable. Then we said our goodbyes, hugged, and he flew away (quite literally). We continued to chat and made plans to hang out the following weekend. 

Our chats continued to be interesting and there were no major red flags. He came over early afternoon on Saturday and we walked downtown for brunch and bloody mary’s. He paid without hesitation, so that’s always a bonus as well. Then I changed into my tennies and we took off meandering through the trails nearby. We obviously talked a ton and then it hit me. It was like talking to my brother. Ya, we had great conversation, he was cute, fit, educated, etc, but I had absolutely no urge to kiss him. He’s the guy I would call after a date to rehash what happened like a girlfriend. Poor guy didn’t stand a chance as you cannot make someone have chemistry with you. He later hugged me goodbye, where I felt no urge and didn’t want him to kiss me. We chatted for a few days and I started to become more distant. Given I’ve been swamped at work and planning for my sisters wedding as well so I’m not that terrible of a person to just flake out. Oh well, swing and a miss. 

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My Heart Belongs in Seattle

It had been a long day of work and I was very expressive about my need for a quiet night in. I was relaxing on the couch around 10pm enjoying a bit of sake when I got the call. “__insert my name__, I hate to ask because I know you were really looking forward to a night in, but by chance, don’t be mad, can you fly out to Seattle at 6am?” My heart leapt for joy. I love adventure and thrive in the unknown. Plus, Seattle would be another check off my bucket list. A weekend in Seattle on the company, heck yes!

I started packing immediately and with a couple hours of sleep headed to the airport for the long flight to Seattle. Lucky for me I got my favorite spot, a window seat in economy comfort and was able to rotating sleeping and listening to the book Divergent. The flight literally flew right back and next thing I knew my eyes were saucers as I gazed out the window staring in awe at the scenery. 

As soon as I landed it was all business. I drove to my destination and it took all of my might to keep my eyes on the road. The weather was a perfect 65, it was sunny, lush, and green. Oh my heart aches to remember. After business I headed downtown to check into my hotel and find food and wine stat!

I checked in my hotel and then stumbled upon the Purple Cafe and Wine Bar where I enjoyed a delicious malbec accompanied by mouthwatering crab cakes. I didn’t get much of a chance to wander before I headed by to my room to freshen up for the evening for dinner and drinks with a friend from college. 

We headed down to the water and I was falling deeper in love with the city as the moments passed. We landed at this quaint winery called The Tasting Room. Mismatched chairs & a wide selection of wine… I was won over immediately. 

Next hunger was taking over so we climbed what seemed like an infinite amount of stairs and stumbled into Lecōsho. The charcuterie and grilled octopus were mmmmm… indescribable and this is where I had my first Moscow Mule. Was it still just infatuation? 

Now it was time to get a little risqué. I had never been to a burlesque club before, but was determined to have my first experience. We went to Can Can Castaways and had the most fantastic time. The drinks were flowing, the ring leader was hilarious and sexy, and the dancers were phenomenal. I also may or may not have blatantly hit on the main man after telling him repeatedly how attractive he was. Oops. 

Starving again and running on empty our last stop of the night was Boka. I gobbled up a chickpea burger and fries, then was ready for bed. I trekked back up the hill, said goodnight to my friend, and was off to sleep. 

The next day we were at it again. Fighting our hangovers we somehow made it to Harbor City Barbecue in China Town and stuff our faces. With a mouth full of dim sum and a belly full of tea I was starting to finally recover.

 ABubble tea followed and we were off to the Seattle Art Museum. Prefaced by a bottle of wine of course ;) Did I mention I love art? It was a blast!

As the day got longer we headed to Pike Place Market to mosey around the fresh food, flowers, and for me to do a little shopping. I found this amazing one-of-a-kind handmade necklace from an old pocket watch that I instantly fell for. After a pretty penny it was time to freshen up for dinner. 

It was a bit of a trek, but the journey to Revel was well worth it. With a smoked oyster pancake and dandan noodle, my mind was back in Seoul. This is by far one of the best Korean fusion places I have been to stateside and will definitely be making an appearance again. It was especially fun sitting kitchen side and watching the chefs flurry in front of us. After we were completely exhausted though and it was time to hit the hay. 

A must mention from the day is a quick stop into Rachel’s Ginger Beer. This is a trendy ginger beer shop with tons of flavors downtown and a definite recommendation for a daytime Moscow Mule. 

The next morning I headed downtown with my umbrella to do a little more shopping and meandering about. I bought a few presents and of course had a few oysters at Pike Place.

However a lunch of bloody mary’s, screwdrivers, octopus, and a variety of oysters was unavoidable at Ballard Annex Oyster House. I mean, you can never have too much seafood in Seattle (especially when you’re stuck in the midwest). 

As foodies we needed one more stop as my trip drew to a close. We barely fit into this closet, also known as Ocho and it was well well worth it. The drinks the bartender was inventing with absinthe weren’t too shabby, the food was phenomenal, and the cherry on top was my favorite warning label on the menu. 

Sadly, this was the end. I headed back to my hotel, shamelessly hit on the doorman (shocker), and headed up to my room to pack. A few hours later I was off to the airport and sadly heading back to the midwest.

However, my sea legs grew strong and I decided Seattle is where I want to live next. If all goes according to plan at the end of the summer I’ll be heading out west for a fabulous life downtown, hiking on the weekends, and all the seafood my heart could desire <3 Wish me luck!

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New York, New York!

Soon after Cali, I headed out to NYC on business. Oddly enough I’m usually not too excited for this trip. Don’t get me wrong, I love all forms of travel, but this trip is usually all business and very little pleasure. 

Soon as we flew in it was straight to work and I was counting down the minutes for some fun. After we escaped, we braved the storm and ended up at Twins Pub for a delicious Yuengling. My boss failed to mention that beer would only make my oncoming sickness worse as a continuously sneezed after 2 beers. Hey! It was New York and I was going to have fun sick or not. Later we ended up at my favorite place in little Italy, Da Gennaro Restaurant. The wine, gnocchi, and beef was mind-blowing. Not ready to call it a night, half of us jumped in a cab to head out to one of my fav bars overlooking the city. After my coworkers called me crazy thinking I was taking them into a nightclub, they stood in aw at the tall windows from 230 Fifth and gazed out onto the city lights. We even headed up to the roof for a quick glance until we started to freeze our butts off. This place is great, but definitely a summer hang out when the patio is not a sheet of ice. 

Death may have started to warm over the next day, but I was pushing through. Working all day on my feet with no voice and I still had to laugh at the men hitting on me (I hear the raspy voice did me well). After work we headed to El Quijote Restaurant for dinner and a wonderful sangria and my first time experiencing paella (which I’d definitely go for again). Mmmmmm!

After my coworker and roommate for the trip snuck out with me and we attempted to get into PDT (Please Don’t Tell). It’s supposed to be a super trendy, super tiny, speakeasy type bar that you get to through a phone booth in a hot dog shop. We waited for hours at a local bar and by time they finally called we were ready to head home. However, while we waited we discovered a few new spots. Ten Degrees Bistro is a local spot with a dark atmosphere, brick wall interior, and a beat pumping through the speakers. Definitely recommended for a pregame drink and if you’re meeting up with your college ex (of 2x) and his friend who live in the area haha. It was actually a really fun time and there was no pressure or awkwardness. His friend was a hit as well and actually did some sort of slam poetry in the middle of the next bar Bru. Midnight had passed and we had to work early so it was back to the Grand Hyatt at Central Station. 

Another full day of work and I was definitely nearing death. However, you know I couldn’t refuse a delicious duck pasta with my team and then an invitation to catch up with my ex. Our intentions were to go out, but we ended up drinking some wine, watching How I Met Your Mother and cuddling like old times. However, this time the only thing he was going to get from me was kisses. He serenaded me with the guitar and even played a tune he had written for me when we dated. Come on now, you know you’d swoon to that at least a bit. Furthermore, I had made him a bracelet that he put on his guitar and it was still there years later. I actually give myself props for not giving into this seduction. 

The next day was my last and exhausting. I was nearly crying in the bathroom at the airport because I was in so much pain from being sick. Lucky for me our plane was empty and I had my own row to immediately make a bed and fall fast asleep. 

Somewhere in there we also went to 2nd Ave Deli (a must for the matzo ball soup alone). The potato pierogen is also making my mouth water just thinking about it. The first night we also crashed a local industry party. We literally just strolled right in after the security died down. As we kept sneaking deeper into all the party all I could think is, “What’s the worst that could happen? They ask us to leave?” I continually repeated this to my coworker who looked petrified and it ended up being a fun time, merely for the sneaking in portion. We also met one of our biggest competitors and it turns out our companies are actually building a great friendship now. Who would’ve thought? 

Oh New York, minus your freezing temps, how I’m missing city life. 

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Anaheim & Palm Springs, California

It has been a busy couple months of business travel for me. Lets start with California. 

Anaheim & Palm Springs, California

I was loving the sunshine. I flew in and we headed to downtown Disney for dinner and soon a crowd gathered round. We were trying to figure out who it could be until I saw the one and only 90s wannabe Aaron Carter. We later passed him on the street and it was as if nothing had changed. Ripped jeans, basketball jersey, and flat bill hat haha. After my brush with a C lister things got even better as we got to go to Disney Land! It was my first time and a blast! Oh, and I almost forgot “Vanessa” from Gossip Girl was on my flight into L.A. =P

The following day I drove to the beautiful land of Palm Springs to work an event. Lucky me it turns out the local military staffed the entire event. Talk about eye candy from wall to wall. The day flew by staring at these hunky men. 

And the next day was even better. After work we caught the late ticket to California Adventure. After a bottle of wine we were screaming and falling down the Tower of Terror. We laughed so hard we cried running around like children and savoring the secrets of our exploits outside business hours. 

The following night I was lucky enough to head to Marina del Ray and enjoy the wonderfulness that is Sugarfish sushi. If you’re ever in the area it’s a definite recommendation. After I met up with my Russian friend that I taught with in Seoul. It was great to see her again and catch up on the past years events. 

My team flew out early which left me catching the redeye alone the next night. I was at the airport bar and I spotted a very good looking guy sitting at the bar chatting with a woman. Lucky for me this woman left to catch her flight and after a 9 ounce pour of wine I sent over a napkin with the start of a tic-tac-toe game and “your turn ;).” Lucky for me he was extremely amused and was soon at my table. Turns out he was on standby for my flight and unfortunately never made it on. Didn’t stop me from exchanging numbers with this Wisconsin cutie though =P

Oh California, take me back. Our adventures would be priceless. 

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The Fisherman

I’ve been so swamped it’s been nearly a month and I miss my writing dearly! We’ve got a lot to go over so lets get started!

Once a week a girlfriend and I have started going out for a bottle of red and a rare fillet. After we head over to the local bar for pool and have a blast playing terribly and shooting down the guys. The first time we managed to get two guys thrown out (for hassling us to let them play with us, and hey we were paying for the table!), free shots, and drinks from the bouncer. Ultimately it was a great night. 

The next weekend we ended up on the dance floor with two charming, yet more so off the grid, type guys. In their outdoors boots and boyish grins, they were endearing.. and we were well.. drunk haha. After many more drinks we all went back to my place for more drinks, BLTs, and a movie (no funny business I swear). We all laughed and drunkenly recanted our favorite parts of the night. The fisherman, my guy, had hit on me with the line, “I’ve been watching you all night” and we all found this hysterical. To give him credit he followed up with how beautiful he thought I was and he sounded genuine so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. The night led into cuddles with our men, I made out with mine, and we talked the majority of the night with him being very respectful. In the morning we all went to brunch and the fisherman even paid, score! We exchanged numbers we promised plans. 

The next weekend my girlfriend and I went out to his place for a double date. We had drinks, played pool, and eventually piled into a jeep to head out to a party in a tent on a frozen lake for snowmobilers. It was memorable to say the least. My friend and I squealed with delight as we jumped over snow mounds, climbed on the jeep, and drank whiskey straight from the bottle. These were not our typical highfalutinmen and we were having a blast. A great night ended in bed with the fisherman, giggles and groping. 

The next week the fisherman planned a proper date. I was to come over his house where he would cook me dinner before I left for NYC on business. He had beautiful flowers for me, made a mind-blowing chicken tortilla soup and paired it with a delicious Malbec. I was impressed to say the least. We snuggled on the couch listening to music, talking, and continually bursting into laugher. I think this may have been when he confessed he had been a professional cyclist for many years traveling the world for the U.S. team. He had been everywhere I traveled and to so many more places. He was down to earth, yet cultured. What could go wrong? 

After I returned, we planned a date at my place. He brought the ingredients and I provided the sake for the homemade sushi we were going to make. The cooking, the sake, the laughing, the cuddling, it really was fantastic. I believe this is when I was made fully aware of his intentions. In a month or two him and one of his buddies would be leaving to travel for the next year. You’ve got to be, excuse my French, fucking kidding me. I find a decent guy who’s actually doing it right and it turns out he’s the one that’s leaving. SHIT. 

Insert upcoming story about me going on a date with an insane premed student (next post to come) to try to not get so attached to the fisherman. 

So yesterday I was supposed to meet the fisherman for dinner, at his insistence, and after waiting for a table and then calling, it turns out he had passed out and accidentally set his alarm for am not pm. He apologized and begged to come over and apologize, that I didn’t even have to let him in. He continually rang and cursed himself for being such a dick and the lowest of the low over text. The damage was done though and I was already mortified. I had wasted the time getting ready, was exhausted myself, waited for the table, and left alone. I felt like such an idiot. Today he is still continually apologizing and saying how terrible he is and don’t get me wrong I understand mistakes happen. This one just happened to especially suck for me. As he begs for a second chance and to make it up to me I don’t know what to say. I don’t know why he’s so insistent with him leaving so soon and to be honest i was a little relieved I could be pissed at him and think of him as flawed. Then maybe it wouldn’t hurt so bad when he left. Ugh. Guys suck. I don’t know whether to avoid him or see him again. Help!

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